Ragnesis Online

21 Apr 2009

In 2006-2009 I worked as a level designer on a MMORPG Ragnesis Online in a local game studio Lucky Soft. Unfortunately, the game was canceled, but nevertheless it was a great experience for me, as I learned all the processes inside the game developers team, learned how to collaborate, use version control and bug-tracking system, solve the problems, etc.

There were two level designers on the project. I designed levels for two of four different races – Giltaries and Saihens. I worked closely with a Lead Artist on a key areas of the levels and was given freedom in designing other places. The level editing tool and some other tools were made by the team. Besides of assembling game levels from given objects, vegetation, terrain modification and texturing, my job also included creation of player zones, linking the levels via portals, assembling NPCs in a special tool and placing them on levels, creation of different mobs from existing models and placing them on levels.

Ragnesis Online (2006 – 2009) Trailer

I did the level design of all places you can see in this video, except the desert one in the end.

Ragnesis Online (2006 – 2009) Screenshots

I did all the objects placement, vegetation placement, terrain modification and texturing.

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