29 Mar 2012

At the beginning of 2012 I really started to miss my previous 3d level designer job. So I downloaded CryENGINE 3 Free SDK and created this map. It took several days to learn the Sandbox Editor and nearly a week to make the map. I did all the objects and vegetation placement, terrain modification and texturing, time of day and fog settings, sun positioning. But this was not just the engine test. This time I also wanted to tell a story with my map. The story of Eternal Love…

They loved each other. Loved so much that created their own world. They didn’t need any friends. They didn’t need anything. Just to hold each other’s hands when falling asleep, and hold them even tighter when waking up. They lived in a small house near the river, occasionally driving to the city for food. That was their own world.

When she had passed away, he felt like he was loosing the ground beneath his feet. Now almost five years later, that unbearable grief is still with him. He misses her so much. And he plays her favorite song all days long. All days long.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Eternal Love (2012)

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