29 Mar 2012 | 1 comment »

At the beginning of 2012 I really started to miss my previous 3d level designer job. So I downloaded CryENGINE 3 Free SDK and created this map. It took several days to learn the Sandbox Editor and nearly a week to make the map. I did all the objects and vegetation placement, terrain modification and texturing, time of day and fog settings, sun positioning. But this was not just the engine test. This time I also wanted to tell a story with my map. The story of Eternal Love…

Ragnesis Online

21 Apr 2009 | no comments »

In 2006-2009 I worked as a level designer on a MMORPG Ragnesis Online in a local game studio Lucky Soft. Unfortunately, the game was canceled, but nevertheless it was a great experience for me, as I learned all the processes inside the game developers team, learned how to collaborate, use version control and bug-tracking system, solve the problems, etc.

Quake 3 Engine

12 Mar 2005 | no comments »

In 2005 I made this test map for Q3 Engine. I wanted to play with Radiant Editor, so I came up with this small district of imaginary European Town, featuring rain and effects. This also was my first attempt to make a gloomy atmosphere in my map. I did all the modeling, texturing, lights and effects. It took a few days. Of course it lacks some vegetation and junk here and there, but the aim was not to create a final playable map, but just to learn the editor.

Counter-Strike 1.6

09 Sep 2003 | no comments »

During 2001-2003 I was making maps for CS. I even won an international championship and gave several interviews, so it was quite a success. Below you can find screenshots of my two latest maps cs_cafebank and cs_expo, released in 2003. I did all the layout planning, modeling, texturing, lights, waypoints for bots and gameplay balancing. It was the time, when the standard map compilation time was 40 minutes. After almost 10 years you can still find and download my maps on the internet. That’s really cool.

cs_cafebank, cs_expo, de_luxe, cs_hopeless, de_csmapping_vs_poligon, 8color