Turbo KidsIt’s a big pleasure to read detailed reviews for your game. I am really appreciate to all sites who has reviewed Turbo Kids:

Jay is Games“…Did you like Canabalt? Then Eugene Yailenko’s action-packed racing game Turbo Kids may garner your interest. It expands on the successful “one button” formula by adding a second button, used for powerups, while keeping the same run’n'jump gameplay fans of the genre know so well….”

FlashMush Reviews“…Fast paced is an understatement here and you will find yourself zooming so fast you don’t even know how to react….”

Guidology“…I also liked the ability to be able to affect the other runners. The other running games, which have includes enemies don’t allow you to do this, and being able to toss a snowball at them and slow them down, or fire a rocket at them spiced up the game and made it unique…”

Belugerin Studios“…Turbo Kids is a pretty fun, challenging, and has considerable replay value in the Big Marathon mode, the kids character are fresh, the voice act is good and the music match the game as well, this game is also exciting to be played by all kind of age, although it is not a flawless game, it still worth to play…”

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