ya_mfz_iconI’m happy to tell Ninja Run is finally released! The sponsor is MoFunZone.com and the game is currently available only on their site. I’ve also added some extra achievements special for MoFunZone.com. Have some fun! World release is coming soon…

Ninja Run release

16 Jun 2010


  • Luke Brown - 10/11/2010

    Hey :) nice game. and congrats on all the success

    I’m new to flixel and AS3 (have been working with AS2 for ages) and am trying to get the mofunzone API working with my game. Did you have any problems? I cant seem to get it to work and was wondering if you could help. Ive used the AS2 version of the API before for my other mofunzone game “Subject:Mo” but am struggling to get the AS3 one working with flixel

    If you can help that would be great :)
    - Luke :)

  • Eugene Yailenko - 10/11/2010

    Hi Luke! I’ve played your games before. Perspectite and Wizards Notebook are amazing. It’s an honor for me to see you here. :) I didn’t experienced any problems with flixel and mofunzone api. Let’s move to e-mail for more comfort. Could you write to me at yailenko@gmail.com what exactly problem do you have. I’d love to help!

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