Hungry Sumo! by Ninja KiwiExciting news, Ninja Kiwi has finally released their new game Hungry Sumo! They have made a lot of tuning and added a lot of great stuff to my game Hover Wars I licensed them four month ago. They’ve completely changed the graphics and now this is not just plain balls, this is hungry sumo! They are flying and bumping around and when you hover over them, they begin to eat rice and grow. Superb! Needless to say how much fun this adds to the gameplay. Ninja Kiwi has also added 30 new levels and two new enemy types. Fire and poison sumo are excellent ideas. Respect!

Hover Wars was originally inspired by two games – Hundreds and Tentacle Wars. From Hundreds I took the idea of hovering over balls to grow them up, and from Tentacle Wars I took the idea of two struggling sides and also the rule “the more unit grows the more damage it makes”. Free and open code of Hundreds allowed me to quickly make the prototype to check the idea. Since the prototype was fun, I decided to continue development and make a full game from it. I made three enemy types and 20 levels, added sounds and stylish visual effects on impacts. When the game was finished, I started searching for a sponsor. You are already know the rest of the story.

I love every single thing Ninja Kiwi added to Hover Wars. They have made an excellent game. Play Hungry Sumo!

Hungry Sumo! by Ninja Kiwi

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