Ninja KiwiUsually for my games I go with a traditional “sponsorship” route. But this time with Hover Wars something magical happened.

When I started looking for a sponsor, among others I contacted Chris from Ninja Kiwi, wondering if they like to sponsor the game. And I got a very quick response from him and we began to chat. They liked the game and wanted not only to sponsor it, but also expand it to other platforms like iPhone and iPad.

Although Hover Wars was very polished and look solid for a flash game, it was clear to me that iOS version would need more levels and features, to get the best ratings out there. Guys from Ninja Kiwi liked the gameplay mechanic the most and wanted to put their efforts to add even more polish to the game…

What can I say? As a game-designer I was flattered to hear that from Ninja Kiwi, a rock-star developer with such amount of hits under their belt.

I’ve licensed the Hover Wars IP to Ninja Kiwi with all rights on all platforms, including flash. That’s right. They will continue development and publishing and I am taking it out from my games portfolio. When Ninja Kiwi will release it, it will probably have different graphics and title. But I have no doubt, guys will make Hover Wars even more fun and addicting. And I am very excited about it, waiting to see the final result.

Hover Wars farewell

16 Feb 2011

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