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From now on I will post all my future news solely on Facebook. So if anyone is interested in what I am working on, please check out my Facebook page. It will be mostly in Russian since most of my peers are from the russian game dev community.

If you are looking for the actual list of games I made, please check out my LinkedIn profile. It’s always up to date.

See you! :)

Cut the Rope 2 just went live! It was a big honour and pleasure for me to work on this game. I’d like to thank Semyon and Efim Voinov for giving me this opportunity. And also big thanks goes to all my colleagues who put all their talent and passion into making this game. I am really proud of what we’ve achieved. Thanks guys! It was a good year. :)

“SWEET! Cut the Rope 2 has arrived! With new characters, fresh gameplay elements, tricky missions, and, of course, Om Nom, candy collecting has never been so fun!

In his unexpected adventure, Om Nom breaks out of his box and travels through lush forests, busy cities, junkyards and underground tunnels, all in pursuit of one goal – CANDY! Along the way, he encounters the Nommies, the cutest candy collecting helpers a little green monster could wish for!”

iPhone & iPad

Visit website:

The first level pack for Pudding Monsters is out. Check out this awesome trailer!

“In City Tour, the Pudding Monsters embark on an adventure set against the backdrop of skyscrapers and city streets. The pudding will navigate through new obstacles like arrow tiles that quickly slide the monsters across the screen, and join with new magnetic monsters that emit a super-charged force field to attract monsters to one another.

New Features:
- Challenging new gameplay mechanics: arrow tiles and magnetic force fields
- Slick urban-inspired graphics
- iCloud support to save game data across iOS devices
- Various bug fixes”

iPhone, iPad, Android

Visit website:

We’ve released our new game Om Nom: Candy Flick. In fact, it’s more like a toy than a game. To see what I mean, check out the trailer.

“This augmented reality app brings Om Nom, little green monster, to life. Enjoy 3D animation and have fun feeding your own Om Nom candy that he loves wherever you go together.

How to play:
1. Print the blue image, or open it on another device.
2. Press “Play” button and point the camera at the image – you’ll see Om Nom.
3. Start the game!”

iPhone & iPad

Visit website:

A few days ago I’ve got this e-mail from Armor Games:

“Congratulations! I’m writing to tell you that Turbo Kids has been nominated for our Games of the Year 2012 contest. These nominations came from our community, based on the game rating (and yours is high!). Only a handful of games made the cut, so yours is among the best-of-the-best!

Turbo Kids is nominated for:
-Top Sports Game”

The voting is now over and Turbo Kids didn’t make it further, but still it was great to see it nominated. And also as a finalist I’ve got this special shiny badge from Armor Games. Thanks everyone who gave their votes for my game!

Here are some Pudding Monsters reviews:

Kotaku“Riding high on the continued success of Cut the Rope, developer ZeptoLab serves up victory pudding, only this pudding doesn’t want to be eaten or smeared on the naked bodies of unpleasant people. Pudding Monsters wants to be free.”

Mashable“The added challenge of trying to perfectly complete the level leads to a lot of creative problem solving, and the solution to many levels takes a lot of trial and error. The puzzles are a perfect level of brainteaser though, and definitely leave you satisfied when you reach the perfect solution.”

Forbes“That little rush that we get from transcending each level in a game like Pudding Monsters tricks our brains. We feel like we’ve been momentarily freed from the humdrum of everyday boredom.”

Our new game Pudding Monsters just went live!

“From the makers of Cut the Rope, Pudding Monsters is a deliciously addicting puzzle adventure with wacky characters and innovative stick-‘em-together game-play. Off the table, out of the house, and into the city – swipe to stick the Pudding Monsters together and save their friends from the cold-hearted fridge owner!”

iPhone, iPad, Android

Visit website:

ZeptoLabFive months ago I was hired as a Game Designer at ZeptoLab. Needless to say, it was a big honor for me to join one of the most innovative and talented mobile game companies in the world.

I have always liked the Cut the Rope game and its adorable main character Om Nom. And now I’m surrounded with green plush toys in the office and wear t-shirts with Om Nom on my back. :) It feels so great!

So I am no longer an indie anymore. And I really feel like I’ve found my place here at ZeptoLab.

Turbo KidsGreat news! Turbo Kids was finally released on Android platform. Though I am no longer have the rights for mobile versions of this game and the port was done by another company completely without my participation, I still feel some connection to the game.

I am very glad to see so many improvements in Android version of Turbo Kids. Guys has made the game deeper and more awesome. And also it’s free. So there are no excuses for you to not give it a try. :)

Get Turbo Kids on Google Play!

Turbo Kids has won “The Most Steady Game” award on Flash GAMM Moscow 2012 conference. Hurray!

The winner was chosen among the lynched games by the audience votes after the end of the game-lynch. And I can’t stress enough how I am appreciate to everyone, who gave his vote for my game. Thanks guys!

The nomination was sponsored by Adobe and I’ve got the Adobe Master Collection CS5.5. Awesome! :)

Getting an award at Flash GAMM Moscow 2012

I’ve just got back from the Flash GAMM Moscow 2012 conference, where I gave a talk about tutorials in flash and mobile games, called “Gripping players at the start”. I’d like to thank everyone, who came to hear me on that day. I’ve got a very positive feedback on my talk. It was a big pleasure to see so many interested people.

Here are the slides from my lecture. They are all in russian, but there are many screenshots there, so it still might be interesting for you. :)

My talk about tutorials in games at Flash GAMM Moscow 2012

My talk about tutorials in games at Flash GAMM Moscow 2012

Turbo KidsIt’s a big pleasure to read detailed reviews for your game. I am really appreciate to all sites who has reviewed Turbo Kids:

Jay is Games“…Did you like Canabalt? Then Eugene Yailenko’s action-packed racing game Turbo Kids may garner your interest. It expands on the successful “one button” formula by adding a second button, used for powerups, while keeping the same run’n'jump gameplay fans of the genre know so well….”

FlashMush Reviews“…Fast paced is an understatement here and you will find yourself zooming so fast you don’t even know how to react….”

Guidology“…I also liked the ability to be able to affect the other runners. The other running games, which have includes enemies don’t allow you to do this, and being able to toss a snowball at them and slow them down, or fire a rocket at them spiced up the game and made it unique…”

Belugerin Studios“…Turbo Kids is a pretty fun, challenging, and has considerable replay value in the Big Marathon mode, the kids character are fresh, the voice act is good and the music match the game as well, this game is also exciting to be played by all kind of age, although it is not a flawless game, it still worth to play…”

ya_ng_logoWow! Turbo Kids has got the “Daily 2nd Place” award on Newgrounds. That is my biggest win on Newgrounds to date. I’m really happy the players liked the game. Thanks everyone for your support!

Turbo KidsI’m happy to tell my latest game Turbo Kids is finally released! It was sponsored by and if you want to play it with badges then I encourage you to play it there. But you can also find the game on Newgrounds and Kongregate.

I’d like to thank everyone whose assets helped me to make the game:

You guys rock!

Eternal LoveI really miss my previous 3d level designer job. To recall those feelings of creating the world from scratch, I downloaded CryENGINE 3 Free SDK and created a map. It took several days to learn the Sandbox Editor and nearly a week to finish the map.

I did all the objects and vegetation placement, terrain modification and texturing, time of day and fog settings, sun positioning. But not only that. This time with my map I also wanted to tell a story. The story of Eternal Love.

I am happy to tell that I will give a talk at Flash GAMM Moscow 2012 conference. This time it would be a full lenght talk about creating tutorials in mobile and flash games. It’s a real pleasure for me and I am grateful to organizers for this opportunity. I will concentrate on making my talk as much interesting and intense as possible with a bunch of screenshots from different games and live gameplay footages. Below is its summary. You can find the whole program here.

Flash GAMM Moscow 2012

Live LadderMy next game from the Smart Bird Series trilogy is done. It’s called Live Ladder. This time you need to help the smart bird to get to the apple by stacking animals. That’s right. And like in Feed With Fruits, when the bird gets to the apple he says funny and pretentious phrases.

I have decided to make all three games from the Smart Bird Series first and only then start looking for a sponsor for a whole trilogy. I will announce the last game when it’s done.

Feed With Fruits - announceWhile Turbo Kids is waiting for release, I’d like to announce my new game – Feed With Fruits. With this game I decided to start my series of cute physics puzzle games.

The rules are simple – feed the bird with an apple by removing blocks and solving physical puzzles. The big feature of the game is voice acting. And like in Turbo Kids it adds a lot of fun and life to the game.

Feed With Fruits is currently looking for sponsor. And I’ve already started to work on a next game in the series.

Last weekend I was at a Flash GAMM conference in Kyiv, where I was invited as a speaker for a game-lynch section. Game-lynch is a special format of the event when game development experts speak about highs and lows of the presented games. There were five experts and each of them reviewed one game:

  • Alex Nichiporchik, from Spil Games, reviewed Fort Blaster Pirate’s Story
  • Merlin Gore, from FlashGameLicense, reviewed Gibbets 3
  • Seth de Koning, CEO and owner of Jaludo, reviewed Truck Loader 3
  • Andrew N. Green, Director of Business Development at 6waves Lolapps, reviewed Molecat Twist
  • and me, Eugene Yailenko, indie game developer, reviewed Coloropus

After the event public voted for a most steady game and it was a big pleasure for me when the game I reviewed won that award. Congrats to Coloropus developers!

You can watch the video of the event here, but I’d like to warn you, the quality is low and it misses the slides, so it’s hard to understand what we are talking about if you haven’t seen the reviewed games. Here is the photo where Alex prepares his laptop for presentation and me, Merlin, Andrew and Seth are sitting at the table. :)

Game-lynch at Flash GAMM Kyiv 2011

Turbo Kids - announceI’d like to announce my next game that is currently in development – Turbo Kids.

This is a runner game with a twist and tons of features – upgrades, achievements, unlockable power-ups, championship mode (to unlock and upgrade power-ups and win the main prize) and unlockable big marathon mode (to compete for scores with the world).

But the main feature would be the gameplay itself. In Turbo Kids you compete against computer opponents. They are also a runners, just like you, and they are able to take power-ups and shoot. The first who gets to the finish takes the cash award.

Turbo Kids is going to be my biggest game by far. It’s been in development for several month and still a lot of work left to be done. I plan to finish the game in a few weeks and then start looking for a sponsor.

P.S. Did I mention it’s a two button game and it’s very addictive? :)

Hungry Sumo! by Ninja KiwiExciting news, Ninja Kiwi has finally released their new game Hungry Sumo! They have made a lot of tuning and added a lot of great stuff to my game Hover Wars I licensed them four month ago. They’ve completely changed the graphics and now this is not just plain balls, this is hungry sumo! They are flying and bumping around and when you hover over them, they begin to eat rice and grow. Superb! Needless to say how much fun this adds to the gameplay. Ninja Kiwi has also added 30 new levels and two new enemy types. Fire and poison sumo are excellent ideas. Respect!

Hover Wars was originally inspired by two games – Hundreds and Tentacle Wars. From Hundreds I took the idea of hovering over balls to grow them up, and from Tentacle Wars I took the idea of two struggling sides and also the rule “the more unit grows the more damage it makes”. Free and open code of Hundreds allowed me to quickly make the prototype to check the idea. Since the prototype was fun, I decided to continue development and make a full game from it. I made three enemy types and 20 levels, added sounds and stylish visual effects on impacts. When the game was finished, I started searching for a sponsor. You are already know the rest of the story.

I love every single thing Ninja Kiwi added to Hover Wars. They have made an excellent game. Play Hungry Sumo!

Hungry Sumo! by Ninja Kiwi

I’m proud to say my game Cloudy has won the “Best game” award in indie category on a FlashGAMM 2011 conference in Moscow. The winners of this contest was chosen by the jury – the representatives of different companies of russian gaming industry. Hurray!

Cloudy Best indie game on FlashGAMM 2011

Ninja KiwiUsually for my games I go with a traditional “sponsorship” route. But this time with Hover Wars something magical happened.

When I started looking for a sponsor, among others I contacted Chris from Ninja Kiwi, wondering if they like to sponsor the game. And I got a very quick response from him and we began to chat. They liked the game and wanted not only to sponsor it, but also expand it to other platforms like iPhone and iPad.

Although Hover Wars was very polished and look solid for a flash game, it was clear to me that iOS version would need more levels and features, to get the best ratings out there. Guys from Ninja Kiwi liked the gameplay mechanic the most and wanted to put their efforts to add even more polish to the game…

What can I say? As a game-designer I was flattered to hear that from Ninja Kiwi, a rock-star developer with such amount of hits under their belt.

I’ve licensed the Hover Wars IP to Ninja Kiwi with all rights on all platforms, including flash. That’s right. They will continue development and publishing and I am taking it out from my games portfolio. When Ninja Kiwi will release it, it will probably have different graphics and title. But I have no doubt, guys will make Hover Wars even more fun and addicting. And I am very excited about it, waiting to see the final result.


I’m happy to tell you Cloudy was finally released a few days ago on a SPIL Games Network! You can play it here. The translation API was quite hard to implement, but the communication with Martine Spaans (SPIL Games Licensing Manager) was super-fast and professional. I’d like to work with them in future. Besides, it’s cool to see your game being translated in so many languages. :)

  • Martyn Bloor for his brilliant sountrack
  • Jorge Correa for his awesome clouds  art

Hover Wars screenshotHi everyone! I’ve made a new casual arcade game called Hover Wars. It features brand new original mechanic. Hover over your cells to grow them up. Capture the enemies by colliding with them. Simple and addicting! The game is currently looking for sponsor so I can’t show it up to you yet. But believe me, you’ll like it. ;)

Meanwhile my previous game Cloudy will be released on 22/01/2011.

Hover Wars

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SPIL GAMESGood news! Cloudy will be sponsored by SPIL GAMES. So expect the game translated in 15 languages and walkthrough video done by Tasselfoot! I’ve heard many good things about SPIL GAMES and I’m glad I’ve finally got a chance to work with them. Cloudy will be released probably in a month or so.

Cloudy screenshotDespite the success of Ninja Run I decided not to make a sequel. At least for now. :) Instead I was concentrated on making a new puzzle-arcade game where you should adjust path of a paper plane to help him collect all stars and avoid stormy clouds. It’s called Cloudy and it’s currently looking for sponsor.

KongregateYesterday some guy uploaded Ninja Run on Kongregate like it was his game. Shame on him. I contacted admins and they removed my game from his account pretty quickly. I’d like to thank them for their fast response.

Anyway I released the game today on Kong. Big day for me. :) Check it out here.

Thanks everyone who participated in testing the game. And big thanks to who sponsored the game. Mo and Hamilton are a great guys and I recommend you to work with them. Cheers!

ya_ng_logoNinja Run was uploaded yesterday on Newgrounds and was awarded with “Daily 4th Place”. This is my first award on Newgrounds. Thanks everyone who voted! I’m very appreciate your support and glad you liked the game. :)

ya_mfz_iconI’m happy to tell Ninja Run is finally released! The sponsor is and the game is currently available only on their site. I’ve also added some extra achievements special for Have some fun! World release is coming soon…

FlashGameLicenseOk, beta testing is done! Big thanks to guys from Flixel Forums for their help. “Ninja Run” is currently up for bidding on FGL. You can check it out here.

ninja_run_screen “Ninja Run” is currently in closed beta testing. And as I promised here is the details. The game is inspired by AdamAtomic’s amazing Canabalt. But it is not a “one button game”. It’s actually more complicated as it has several control keys instead of one: Jump, Shoot, Hook, Slow down, Shield, Speed up. But the main goal is still the same – run as far as you can. By the end of beta testing “Ninja run” will be available on FGL for bidding.

I’m currently working on a very fun game called “Ninja Run”. As you might guess it’s about ninjas. I always wanted to make a game about these guys. :) The game is powered by Flixel and will be done in a week or so. More details later.