Eugene Yailenko
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My name is Eugene Yailenko. I am a game designer. Born in 1984. Married. Live in Barcelona, Spain.

I’ve been working at ZeptoLab since 2012. After being an indie game developer for almost three years I’ve felt like I need a change. And I was very excited to get an opportunity to join ZeptoLab as a game designer. Here at ZeptoLab we continue to expand Cut the Rope universe with new titles and we are also working on a brand new games. By this moment I’ve designed Pudding Monsters (2012), Cut the Rope 2 (2013), King of Thieves (2015), C.A.T.S: Crash Arena Turbo Stars (2017). Right now I am working on a new unannounced title.

At GDC 2016 I gave a talk about the process of designing and soft launching King of Thieves – Designing a F2P Game that’s Different

At GDC 2018 I will give a talk C.A.T.S. Postmortem: Concept Development Through the Eyes of a Designer and Artist

C.A.T.S: Crash Arena Turbo Stars was named a Game Of The Year 2017 by Google Play


In GAMES section you can find flash games I have made as an indie game developer in that period.

All game design, programming, user interfaces and logos have been done solely by me. I am not an artist, that’s why as a base I usually use graphics from stocks and from other artists, being heavily edited by myself to suit the game’s mood and game design. But all the logos and user interfaces have been made by me from scratch. All games have been written in ActionScript 3, using Adobe Flash CS3 and FlashDevelop.

My game Cloudy has won the “Best Game” award in indie category at the FlashGAMM Moscow 2011 conference. Its android port has several millions of installs on Google Play.

My game Turbo Kids has won the “Most Steady Game” award at the FlashGAMM Moscow 2012 conference. Its android port has also several millions of installs on Google Play.

LEVEL DESIGNER (2001 – 2009)

In LEVELS section you can find examples of levels I have made for 3D games in that period.

This passion for building 3d worlds had started to grow in me when I was 17. I started making maps for Counter-Strike 1.6, the hottest multiplayer shooter back then, with Valve Hammer Editor. I even won an international championship and gave several interviews, so it was quite a success. Although my latest and best maps for CS were released in 2003, you can still find and play them on the internet.

Having graduated in 2006 (Bachelor in Software Engineering) I found a local game studio called Lucky Soft and applied to a Level Designer position. I was working in a team of professionals on an MMORPG called Ragnesis Online. Unfortunately, the game was canceled in 2009, being already on a beta stage. But nevertheless, it was a great experience for me, as I learned all the processes inside the game developers team, learned how to collaborate, use version control and bug-tracking system, solve the problems, etc.

There were two level designers on the project. I designed levels for two of four different races – Giltaries and Saihens. I worked closely with a Lead Artist on key area of the levels and was given freedom in designing other places. The level editing tool and some other tools were made by the team. Besides of assembling game levels from given objects, vegetation, terrain modification and texturing, my job also included the creation of player zones, linking the levels via portals, assembling NPCs in a special tool and placing them on levels, creation of different mobs from existing models and placing them on levels.

After the game was canceled in 2009, the studio was renamed to Stella Games and switched to casual games. And I went indie, simply because there weren’t any jobs for level designers in Ukraine at that time.